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We participated in MWC 2018 Barcelona, 26.2 – 1.3
We will exhibit next on
Electronica Shanghai, 14.3 – 16.3
Welcome to visit our booth E5.5536
PRESS: Pulse Electronics Corporation introduces a new generation of FluidWRITER™ printers…


Print Directly on 3D Surfaces

FluidANT is full 3D capable printing technology designed to create printed electronics directly on 3D surfaces using modern software controlled digital process.

With FluidWRITER you can print prototypes quickly for your own R&D and produce products in-house with simple logistics and low cost.



Tabletop model with one rotation axis

Designed to provide affordable entry option to printing and printed product development. The same capability to print on 3D surfaces as in production model but with limited max printing speed and only one rotation axis for fixtures to hold the parts to be printed on.

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Production model with two rotation axis

Designed for high speed and high precision production operation with capability to print on 3D surfaces. PrintHEAD is on linear XYZ motion system and PrintHEAD operation is real time synchronized to actual motion which makes system capable to very precise dosing in high speeds. Printed line width and thickness remain stable in all situations. Unique digital 3D offset setting together with advanced control SW enables accurate printing on rotary three dimensional surface. Two rotation axis for fixtures to hold the parts to be printed.

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With two rotation axis

Designed for both prototyping and production use with ultimate 3D capability. PrintHEAD is on six axis industrial robot and two rotation axis with fixtures for parts to be printed on.

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